5. Research units and groups Dr Jo Middlemass & Fiona Togher

June 29, 2016

Jo and Fiona illustrated the pros and cons of belonging to a research unit, some creative ways of developing research contacts and perhaps setting up a substantive group of your own.

please see link for slides women in research (2) presentation 290616 Jo Middlemass Fiona Togher

4. No guarantees Increasing likelihood of success Dr Leslie Hicks

May 26, 2016

In this session Leslie Hicks looked at what research funding applicant should consider when applying for funding. There were plenty of insightful, nuanced and practical tips to think about when constructing your research proposal. Put yourself in the reviewers shoes (as much as possible). Please see link for other pointers:

Session 4 Hicks L WiR talk LH May 2016

There was also a discussion about becoming a reviewer of projects, and you may want to look into this at: http://ec.europa.eu/rea/become_an_evaluator/index_en.htm

3. Research With or Without Funding Dr Zowie Davy

April 20, 2016

Getting started with or without research funding session started by introducing the fundamentals of starting a doable research project with the resources available to you. Its main message was to try think beyond the normative avenues of research and to think creatively about data collection, collegiate working and utilizing the key players available within the university who can support your development in relation to becoming more research active.

Session 3 Davy Z Research With or Without Research Funding

Research Professional

April 20, 2016

There are still a couple of spaces available for the Research Professional Training Sessions next Tuesday 26th April 2016. Contact research@lincoln.ac.uk

The College of Arts session 11:00 -12:30

The College of Science session is 13:30-15:00

The College of Social Science session is 15:00-16:30

all in the Library, room UL103.



2, Why research 16th March 2016 Prof. Sara Owen

March 15, 2016

This session from Prof. Owen looks at the institutional, personal and aspirational aspects of doing research in a vibrant new university. She asks what is it that you want from your career in research and how we might be able to move from asking always about issues for women to questions about what is an effective modern workplace?

You kind find her presentation here: Women into Research March 2016 (1)